We are one of the famous manufacturers and exporter of an extensive array of UPVC Filter Housing products to our clients. CWC UPVC Filter Housings combine design simplicity with high filtering quality. UPVC Filter Housings offers wide range of flow capacities & contaminant holding capacities. Cartridge filters are normally used as polishing filter in almost all process industries.

Operating Information:

Type Size Cartridge pcs Cartridge size In/Out Max Pressure
CWC-5DC1 CWC-3DC1 Ø225-H465 5/3 10″ FLG: DN50/ANSI2″ 100 psi
CWC-5DC2 CWC-3DC2 Ø225-H715 20″
CWC-5DC3 CWC-3DC3 Ø225-H965 30″
CWC-5DC4 CWC-3DC4 Ø225-H1215 40″

It can install all material, all precision’s cartridge 5 pcs, which I.D. is 28-30 mm and O.D. is 65-70 mm. The highest working temperature of housing is 50°c. The size of the two holes in cap is 1/4″ BSP threaded. On the cap, one side pressure gauge is mounted and on another side vent is mounted.

Product Merits:


Pharmaceuticals Petroleum Derivatives
Water Treatment Coolants
Paints & Inks Food & beverages
Bore Well water Dairy
Cleaning Fluids Lacquers
Vegetable Oils & Many More
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